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  2. What are your favourite film (or show/anime) titles? Why are they your favourites? [b]Title1[/b] Reasoning here [b]Title2[/b] Reasoning here
  3. What are your favourite books? Why are they your favourites? [b]Title1[/b] Reasoning here [b]Title2[/b] Reasoning here
  4. What are your favourite video games? Why are they your favourites? [b]Title1[/b] Reasoning here [b]Title2[/b] Reasoning here
  5. For those that don't know it: ( https://nanowrimo.org/ ). If you're doing naanowrimo, what are your plans?
  6. About Me Alias: Iota, Ergo, Mochi, blah-blah-blah Age: 26 (do you like my fine lines? /bats lashes) Favourite games Suikoden V, [FFVIII, IX, X, XII, XIV], [NieR:Automata, Gestalt], Persona 5, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, .hack//G.U., Fire Emblem: Birthright, Do you like to use messengers to chat? Kind of… I don’t feel comfortable giving out my discord to just anybody, though. So, I would rather we PM back and forth for a while to see if we’re a good match! Or if we play at my site, PM and cbox both work for me. If it goes well and I’m comfortable, I’ll give out my discord. It can be up to you whether or not you want to add it. About Roleplaying I've discovered that I'm mostly looking for someone to join me at my site that I can volleyball posts with nearly every day. Is that weird? I think that's weird. XD My main RP partners do that with me already, but I'm like: "I need more every day posters /hungryhungryhippo." And of course, at some point we could try out other sites together. But right now, I'm just looking for one or two more every day posters at my site to help feed my soul. Not sure if I could juggle two sites atm. I do have some want-ads that I can link to if interested. What is the plot (or plots) that you'd like to play out with someone? In general, I really like heroic/epic/dark fantasies, especially those that not necessarily medieval, but not modern/futuristic/etc. either. Kind of like… Rune Factory, various Final Fantasies (my favourite FF game is 8, even though it’s more like… 1990’s and earlier inspired, I think? /could be wrong), Suikoden (V is my favourite)… I even like .hack//GU even though it’s a bit more modern. I like gangs/bands/groups as well. Right now, I am looking to establish a legitimate band for one of my characters after our upcoming expansion. I don't have any solid ideas, so I'd be willing to plot that out. I could also use more plots/connections with one of my characters who's going to prison for treason. xD P.S. please be the type who loves to plot as well as write. Because… I’m an addict. And there is nothing worse than always coming up with all the ideas for every single story, plot, thread, et cetera. I do not desire a limp noodle. I mean, we all have our limp noodle moments, so occasional soggy noodliness is okay. How often do you generally post? Every. Single. Day. And the less threads I have, the more likely I will reply to the same thread multiple times in one day if my partner lets me. XD If I ever need a break, I’ll let you know. My breaks are usually two days long. I am really looking for someone who can post with me every day or at least every other day (maybe every two days) and at least the occasional volleyballing (multiple times in a day). The occasional lull is totally fine so long as you give me the heads up. I don’t like the poofing/Houdini/fair-weathered act. How much do you generally post? My posts are generally on the shorter side, but I will write as little or as much as I feel the need to for a specific post. .Sometimes they’re very short with only 5 sentences. Other times, they can easily reach up to 900+ words. My average is probably about 2-3 paragraphs. Who knows about WC? Not very much, I bet. Do you like to write in first person or third person? I primarily write in third person, but for very significant moments, I’ll briefly switch into first person. Sometimes it’s just my character being enamoured by the other character’s beauty… Whatever it is, it’s basically to enliven the emotion they’re feeling at the time. (Usually happens because the character is so LOUD.) Who are your favorite playbys (PBs)? I only like anime-manga/art FCs. What playbys (PBs) do you hate? Real life ones XD It also drives me nuts when someone uses an underaged looking char for someone above age, or a 20-looking-FC for an older (40+) char. What rating are you comfortable with? No sex. Please and thank you. If there is sex, I respectfully ask to skip. Violence? Drugs? Bring it on, baby. Character Examples Amaranth, Locust (band), Eve (prison), Arjun Final Statement How do you want to be contacted? PM, this thread, or at KD. Anything else? Please don’t message me going “I think we’d be great together. Hmu /insert discord.” Please tell me why you think we’d be a good match. You can post here in this thread or PM me here at RPG-D. Don’t recruit me to your site, thanks. P.P.S. I love movie-time. I try getting movie time in with friends now and then. Actually setting up movie time for my members, so yes! Also, please forgive my horrendous typing. My laptop's keyboard has hardware issues atm and keeps doubling or leaving out letters.
  7. Site name and link: Kismet Divided Site genre: Action / Low Fantasy / Dystopia Site info: Kismet Divided has been running for nearly two years and still going on strong with active event threads that progress our plot and alter our setting realistically. It takes place in a fictional world with Astrum as our primary setting. We have two factions/areas feuding against each other. The magicked (privileged) vs thee magicless (oppressed). As the war is about to conclude, we'll be expanding into new territories and even having a bit of a revamp on our current setting. Your name: Iota Contact info: @ kismet divided Role(s) requested: After the expansion, my character Locust will gradually work his way up in the music world. The backstory is: a band is looking for another member. Locust joins under the fact he can sing and play various instruments (he doesn't have to be lead vocals or vocals at all) but then rather quickly finds himself in the composition and sometimes lyric-writing role by accounting everyone's strength and unique sounds. The band gets themselves a few gigs, and then manage to get a label. Along the way, Locust will be singled out (along with another maybe?) out of the entire group and given more opportunities so he won't be a permanent element of the band. Since the band will be new with their label, I was thinking there could be a conflict with what they want to do versus what their label wants them to do. So, their songs could cover various genres and images. It could be a traditional 3-6 member band, or it could be non-traditional with 10+ members. There could be no vocals, some vocals, all members be vocals (and trade off), etc. I'd be down for plotting. PM me at Kismet Divided (I go by IOTA) or post in the original want-ad if interested or comment here. Legend: SW (song writer), L (lyracist), MV (main vocals), BV (back-up vocals), SI (stringed instrument), XI (any instrument), BI (brass instrument), WI (wind instrument), PI (percussion instrument; can be piano or drums etc.), SS (synthetic/electric sound) Members (not all of the ones listed have to be a thing. I figured I could just spell out some options) SW / L / SI / PI Locust MV or MV / L or MV / L / XI or MV / XI TBA SI-2 or SI-2 / BV TBA SI-3 TBA PI-drums or PI-drums / BV TBA WI TBA BI TBA SS or SS / BV TBA __________________________________________________ Site name and link: Kismet Divided Site genre: Action / Low Fantasy / Dystopia Site info: Kismet Divided has been running for nearly two years and still going on strong with active event threads that progress our plot and alter our setting realistically. It takes place in a fictional world with Astrum as our primary setting. We have two factions/areas feuding against each other. The magicked (privileged) vs thee magicless (oppressed). As the war is about to conclude, we'll be expanding into new territories and even having a bit of a revamp on our current setting (which will be out Novembe 5!). Your name: Iota Contact info: @ kismet divided via cbox or PM Role(s) requested: This guy (FC up in the air) is my character, Eve's, and he's been in prison for the last few years for murder. He used to be an investigator in a special task force within the police department, but when the Law turned his gaze away from one brutal serial killer, he took justice into his own hands. I don't have much in the way for Eve's and his partner's relationship, just that they used to work together in the PD and that Eve visited him in prison regularly. I was thinking that either this characteer either broke out of prison during the war or he and Eve meet in prison (because Eve gets thrown in for treason despite being one of the citystate's leaders). At KD, people with tangible soulmates & magic are born with a "true name" that basically brands them as a person as well as who their fated is. This character's true name is Voracious, but his given name can be anything. Character is 30's-40's. FC is up to you. About my character: Eve is deaf, he went deaf from an infection in his late childhood years. He likes music (particularly the drums) and feels the vibrations through his body (especially hands and feet). As an ex-criminal super A-class hacker, it was fairly easy for him to make a program to aid in getting the right pitches. On top of that, he used to be one of the 7 leaders of the citystate, the leader of Intelligence. But after he aided another leader in lowering the dome, he's spending his time in prison. :'D PM me at Kismet Divided (I go by IOTA) if interested
  8. Dragon & Dragon Hunter Dragon • Former deity(?). Guardian of the ever-snow area. Something of an elder • Can use ice/water magic (cuz they largely intertwine. Can't have ice without liquid) • Dragon form is "ginormous" (think big snake in God of War), I have a say as to what type he is & how he looks • Can shapeshift into either a "landwalker" with scales here and there, or a "merman" to make him easier to plot with Dragon Hunter/Barbarian • Prejudiced against all non-human (or main humanoid race), which is a common belief set in lore • Hunts many interesting "game" (monsters) • Vulgar, strong, etc. Should have a good social position in community provided it doesn't prevent him from hunting • Is a human (or main humanoid race) Settings we're cool with • Yokai (yokai vs shaman. Dragon would be a mystical beast. Hunter could be a radical shaman or something) • Medieval/Rural-Era Fantasy • FFX inspired or like FFX (Dragon could be a summon, Hunter could be a regular human) Settings we're not cool with • Dragons errywhere (we'd like to see some species diversity) • Supernatural (while not getting out of hand; not a fan of vampires and whatnot) • Dragon Ball Z • Anything remotely modern/techy/scifi-y, etc. Community + • Animanga/art FCs ONLY • Would like a place where the majority of the players are active. My friend and I post daily to once every three days • Newb-friendly. I don't care if it's a fandom with a Wiki, info must be on-site and newbie-friendly • Community should be welcoming and stay welcoming • No required Discord (I would prefer a site with cbox, or an alt cbox to discord if Widget is breaking) • No word count. 100 is the highest I'll go. • No tough apping process (I suck at apping, I just want to write)
  9. You come up with good questions, Gothic! I'd be interested to see your responses, too. Running RP Forum There've been a couple times where I felt deflated with my own site and that I considered adopting it out (I tried but failed. Only one person (non-member) I wasn't totally confident in was up for adopting it.). I think it was mostly my own stubbornness and pride that kept me going through those rough patches. But for me, it wasn't a "I'm bored, I want to move onto something new" because my members help keep it fresh and exciting for me. It was a "the people who join my site won't stick; maybe I'm just not cut out for this." When I tried to recruit someone I disliked (but thought to give them the benefit of the doubt), they were so rude in response to my recruiting ad (that I took time and effort to match to pinpoint how we matched their wants and needs) that I decide to basically (internally) flip the bird at them, grab my site by the reigns, and push on despite my insecurities. XD But at this point, I stay motivated by chatting with members (we're going to do movie nights occasionally now for community building!), driving our events/plot forward, updating the site by keeping it fresh and nearly new for everyone (including myself), etc. An RP should be (for me at least) an ever-evolving project within reason. It's like reading a good book series. The progression keeps it fresh and interesting. There are long periods where I'll take a break from staffing and just prioritise posting (for weeks to months at a time XD), but I don't think it's so obvious that my members would know. I'm present on the site nearly every day, and post nearly everry day. Art I'm still trying to figure out this one. 😐 XD Writing in general There was a point where I just stopped writing. I was in a pretty depressing community. Lost all of my RP partners, and the rest of the community was all "I would rather do X than RP..." "I haven't RP'd in weeks/months. I should get back into it but motivation is hard..." "Ugh, I rly dont wanna post..." Blah-blah-blah, /insert incessant negativity/. But then I met someone who actually liked to write & RP at a site I played at years ago. Loved his chars. When he was shipping my favourite char of his with a well-known plot/char-hoarder (she'd take up want-ads (took up one of my own), rarely ever posted to them (or never posted to want-ad people, like with me) and then throw a fit if you tried to move on after 6+ months of no activity). It was really starting to upset and hurt my friend's feelings, so I was all "YOU KNOW WHAT? HERE, RP WITH MY CHAR. I POST ONCE A MONTH BUT I'LL TRY TO POST MORE OFTEN." It was pretty rough getting into the habit of writing daily. A few times, I didn't think I could do it so I two two days off from writing every week and gradually needed less aand less breaks. Now I can write more than the frriend. XDD He turned me into an addict. 😐 So, I guess for me, it's usually very goal-orientated, very hot-headed & stubbornness orientated, and my pride & determination are great motivators. XD; I just can't tap into it whenever I want to. >>; I cope by taking the breaks I need.
  10. iota

    Mod @ KD

    (I stole Tainted's form. Thank you, Tainted. xD) Site name and link: Kismet Divided Site genre: Unconventional Soulmates / Magic / Feuding Factions / Action + Opening date: We've been open since February 14, 2018 Site info: KD is primarily a feuding faction RP between the oppressed "Outskirts" and the technologically advanced "Capital," both two sides of a coin or two sections of one citystate/"country." The Capital is a utopia for magical folk known as Kismets, and Kismets are the ones with a tangible "soulmate." Soulmates at KD don't have to be romantic, they can be platonic, familial, nemeses, etc. The Capital leaders for the past 50 years have pushed out non-magical people. The site itself uses player-plotted and posted events to progress the site plot. Staff basically set up a foundation and the members take charge from there most of the time. I'm also trying to get into more community building activities like movie nights with everyone. Your name: Iota Your primary staff account: Founder/Admin Contact info: Probably best to get a hold of me on KD if I'm going to be honest. Positions hiring for: Versatile mod Information about positions: • Must be an active poster (posts daily to every two days) • Must be an active member (present on the cbox at least once a day; occasional breaks are fine) • Is a generally pleasant person and follows our rules • Helps with organising the site (archiving threads if one or more characters have been archived or deleted; excluding site events + help take care of sorting characters & members) • Is available for me to bounce ideas back and forth • Is able and wanting to help write or edit info as necessary • Consults with me about member questions or other items in case the answer to said question isn't clear • Occasionally helps with advertising • Is not already staffing at a handful of other sites (weird requirement, but I've seen and played at sites with "this one mod" and I find the need to compulsively staff at every site kind of alarming.) • If you have other skills, like skinning/coding (and are good at skinning/coding) then great! But it's not necessary. • I will never ask you to do something I'm not willing to do myself. If you're uncomfortable doing something, just let me know and we can talk about it. Other notes: I'm not gonna lie: KD is a quieter site. We only have 6 members at the moment and we haven't had any floods of newbies in a few months. So, I can staff by myself no problem (I do have a mod at the moment but she's going to be more or less unavailable until November I think?) so there probably won't be much staffing to do in the way of members. I will probably need an adjustment period because I'm so used to doing almost everything (if not everything) by myself, so if I'm compulsiveely doing things without consulting in return just be all "I'M HERE! /SPARKLES!" and I will gradually get used to (and become comfortable with) working with you. xD Being an active member and active poster is an absolute must because I think staff set an example for the site. I cannot stress that enough. You need to have enough time on a regular basis to pop into the chat. To post at least daily to every three days. If you're unable to post for a a bit, just give people a heads up in break time. The position does not have to be permanent. In other words, you can step down at any time. I won't mind. Vice versa, if I feel I am in no longer need of your service for any reason, I have the right to demote you to regular member. You'd still be welcomed to RP at the site. No one really cares or makes a big deal out of "promotion" and "demotion" at my site, so you don't have to worry about "status." Lastly, if you don't use a Discord, that's fine. We'll mostly communicate on site via PMs and staff threads. That being said, I don't give out my Discord unless I'm comfortable with a person. Chances are you won't get my Discord (if you have one) until like... 3 months later. XD P.S. My keyboard is broken atm, so my letters disappear or double a lot. In casual convo, you'll see double or triple letters a lot. Please don't mind it. I use a laptop so it's not easily or cheaply fixable. ;;
  11. Happy October, everyone! October 1, 2019: We're hosting an Area Creation Contest for our members. Basically, using the form we provide, members are allowed to come up with new fictional areas/citystates for our characters to explore in the upcoming expansion. The deadline is October 25th! Poll will be up by the 26th, and the results will be up by Halloween. Our war event is almost over, and thus our expansion is on the horizon. Please look forward to new info, new playable areas, and plot advancement soon! If this sounds exciting, then come check us out.~
  12. I found a thread about TRN on another resource site by Sadrienne, and asked Sadrienne to PM me a link to this forum when it was open. :3
  13. iota


    "Lali-ho!" As they say in Shadowbringers (FFXIV). I go by Iota, Ergo, and other things. I forgot to put up an intro here (whoops)! About me I created & run Kismet Divided. It was something of a spontaneous decision, and was also the first site I've ever made! It was founded Feb 14, 2018, so I think it's going pretty well! Almost two years old. It was either Darker than Black AU (which I was making), Final Fantasy AU (couldn't decide which one), .hack//GU AU, or something partially inspired by Loveless. I chose Loveless on a whim because it was the most "unique" on my list. I'm not actually a fan of the manga/anime Loveless at all, I just really liked their spell battle concept & soulmate concept. So, I took the concepts I liked or thought was traditional/fundamental to Loveless and integrated it into a story/setting of my own design. I like to videja game. (Favourites are: NieR, NieR:Automata, Suikoden V, Final Fantasy 8-9-10-12, .hack//GU) I love animals. Cats, dogs, lions, betta fish, etc.! Though I've recently realised that I think I instinctively prefer predator/hunting-type animals over prey-type animals. I wonder what that says about me. P: While I do love dogs, I love them outside of my household. xD I don't think I make a good dog owner, but I do love to babysit them now and then.~ I have two cats: one black maine coon mix (male) and one calico shorthair mix (female). The maine coon's name is Ares (sounds like Aries) though I sometimes call him "warkitty" and "god of war." The calico's name is Mynke (ming-key), I sometimes call her foxkitty or little warrior princess. Ares loves catching flying bugs, especially dragon flies, and then tries to eat them only to realise he doesn't like how they taste every time. Mynke loves catching frogs and trotting around with them dangling by the leg from her mouth. She weirdly doesn't kill them, she just carries them around. XD I love my cats a lot, can you tell? My mum just opened up her own flowershop in late May. She gets pretty discouraged by it because she "thought it'd be more popular," but everyone keeps reminding her the first year is always the worst year. So long as we can stay on top of bills (which we have been), then it's going better than most new businesses! At the shop, we have two male betta fish (separate tanks), a traditional tailed one that's red/white/blue named "Beta" (yes, I know, I didn't name him XD) and a gold crowntail with a black face named "Rho." Beta is kind of docile yet pleasant, while Rho is more "haughty." I'm not really a fan of fish, but I've really grown to like these two! Lastly, I'm an old art student (26) who is just about to graduate. It's taken me seven years to complete a two year degree because that shit's expensive. /Slaps hand down/ May that eventually change. It's nice to meet you all. \o/
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