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  1. The Network

    1. Welcome


      Here is where you'll find all information on TheRoleplayNetwork, including how to submit groups and resources, and community rules.

    2. Submissions


      This is where you'll let us know that your resource and roleplay submissions are ready for review! Make sure you've got everything filled out, and advertising requirements completed if you're submitting a roleplay. Thanks for contributing!

  2. The Hub

    1. Roleplay Lounge


      Looking for a place to talk all things roleplay? Here's the forum!

    2. Resources Chatter

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      Need help with a coding element, or some general feedback on something you made? Just want to talk about all the ups and downs of resource making? Resource Chatter is the place to be!

    3. Other Chat


      Doesn't fit into the other chat sections? Here's where talk about the real world happens, plus memes. All the memes.

    4. Help Me!

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      Got a burning question? Looking to solve a problem, or want some advice on something happening in your community? This question and answer forum allows you to find the answers you seek. Rate the answers that were the most helpful, so others can find the help they need!

    5. The Poll Palace

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      Want to get an idea of whether your idea is needed out in the world? Got a great idea for a new roleplay community, tutorial, or even a character plot that you think would be fun? Post it here in the Poll Palace and see whether other people think it's also worth going for!

  3. Requests

    1. Group Requests


      Looking to find a new roleplay group to join? Post a request here, and let the roleplays come to you!

    2. Character Requests


      Need some pivotal characters for your plot? Got a character that really needs a home? Post here to find players to play them, or groups to fit them into!

    3. Code Requests

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      In need of a fancy template, or theme for your roleplay group? Post requests here to commission a coder to do some custom work, or find the premade codes that you might not have seen before.

    4. Graphics Requests

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      Not graphic savvy? No fear! Post a request for one of our amazing resident artists here!

    5. Staff Requests


      Need someone to help run your roleplay group? Advertise here!

    6. Face Requests

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      Looking for a face to represent your character, but just can't find the right one? Let the community help!

    7. Other Requests


      Have a request that doesn't quite fit into the other categories? Post away in Other!

    8. Old Requests


      If a request hasn't been responded to by the OP in more than two weeks, it will be moved here. This forum serves as an archive, and topics can be re-activated from it at any time.

  4. Promotion

    1. Group Announcements


      Got something big happening in your group? An event, a milestone? Let the world know here! Each group can post in this forum once a calendar month.

    2. Pre-Launch Buzz


      Developing a new group and want to generate a bit of pre-launch interest? Post here with your teasers and updates. Each group in-development can post here once a calendar month.

    3. Guest Advertising

      Guest The Hunter

      Get a quick and dirty link-drop here in the Guest Advertising section. Please post in the correct subforums, and you can repost your ad once it has moved off the first page.

  5. Dark Design

    1. Challenges


      Everyone can take part in our monthly challenges, check out the topics inside for more information.

    2. Classes

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      Jcink Skinning and dohtml classes are held here, anyone can join at any time. lessons and homeworks are posted weekly until completion, but are taken at your pace.

    3. Galleries

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      Show off your graphics and or coding skills in your very own gallery and if you've taken part in our challenges then you can add your awards images to your galleries.

    4. Trackers


      Old school topic based, trackers so you can track all of your topics and replies.

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